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As a kind of souvenir there is now a series of 8 postcards professionally made and of excellent quality. These are for sale at the paltry sum of £10 to UK residents, 15 Euros to European addresses and US$20 to the rest of the world including Latin America. This includes the cost of postage, the postcards and a fair profit to help recoup the costs of the website which you have all enjoyed so much.

To order, send an email to get the ihana mailing address using this page.

Jungle spider, Venezuela

Stuck in the jungle, Venezuela

On the salt flats of Uyuni, Bolivia

Sunrise over camp, Uyuni, Bolivia

Crossing a river near Sucre, Bolivia

Descending into a fertile valley, Sucre, Bolivia

The Lethem Trail, the only road into Guyana from Brasil

Hopeless attempt at getting unstuck in Chiloe, Chile


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