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Tom is an egocentric bastard who preys on the good intentions of loved ones as a means to his own selfish and perverse ends.

Likes - travelling, taking wicked photos, cool sounds, fast cars, snowboarding, biking

Dislikes - rice pudding, fat biffas

Phrases - "well up for it", "aye", "what are you like?"

Life Story - Appeared in Middlesbrough on 18 August 1970 in a hole in the road.  Brought up on coal and milk, excommunicated   to 'sunny' Scarborough at age 7 to get rid of Teeside accent and get a proper Yorkshire upbringing. Managed to get a degree in Mech. Eng. at Sheffield Poly. Promptly became unemployed before eventually seeing the light becoming a heartless money grabbing Oracle contractor.  

Escaping self inflicted bollox in England, ended up in Germany then Switzerland where slowly realised that theres more to life than the rat race and that happiness is not a product of money.  Drawn to Peru for inspiration it was rapidly found and rutted to within an inch of its life.

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Barry is an easily led, hedonistic freckly closet anarchist with a scathing wit and callous disregard for anybody who fails to aspire to perfection

Likes - wicked travelling, moozac, snowboarding, spinning

Dislikes - unspecified tropical diseases, skiers

Phrases - "no wonder it takes 7 hours", "wheres my money?"

Life Story - Brought by the stork 14th March 1970 into a little village in the west country... emerged from Monmouth School 18 years later to embark on a couple of spectacularly successful years studying the inside of Nottingham nightspots - which, of course, was highly detrimental to passing an engineering degree. Eventually buckled down (ahem!) and managed to scrape a BSC(hons) in Information Systems Management after four more gruelling party years at sun-soaked (yeah) Bournemouth Uni.

After bumbling along from job to job and country to country, pretending to know something about Oracle, some much needed work on many character flaws and deficiencies is long overdue. So its time to fly the confines of the office and dedicate my life to the investigation of that latino wiggle!

The team have a strange moment...



Mouse and Wiggy despairing of the two idiots they have to drag round South America

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