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Friends web sites

Peter Banner Unexplodedbomb Banging electronic tunes
Lee Barnett Barnettland Accident prone snowboarding fan
Shane Shanes offerings
Roger Lots of bar related activities
Pikey Pikeynet Wicked car stuff and nobby pics
Ali-B What can I say...
Rick Rickert American traveller who would have been vehicle based had it not been stolen
Party Cakes Best cakes in Switzerland
Party Cakes Shop Best cake decorating equipment shop in Switzerland
Sugarcraft School Best cake decorating school in Switzerland

Travel web sites

Wicked Car Based Travels - maximum respect!

Africa Overland Directory of loads of mainly wicked travel sites
Expedition Overland Mad 6x6 landy going round the world.
Southing Landy trip to Africa, good pics.
overlandy Landy trip round some of South America
landy-rtw Impending landy trip round the world
land of africa Swiss series 3 landy going to Africa
londontosydney Just finished this big trip in a Landy 130
Travels with Rover Mad yanks we met in Costa Rica in a landy full to the brim with kit
Roaming Yak Darrins future trip to Mongolia in a Landy - will it ever happen? Landy Td5 goes from Norway to Cape Town
duksjourney Impending landy round the world trip, with tweetypie
Balum Excellent off roading travels in Central America, we met the doris in LA
In and Out of Africa Across Africa in a Landy - great writing if a little lacking in photos
The Big 1 Round the world from CH in a Landy Td5, lots of content
PlanetIncognita Wicked travellers we met in Guatemala

Motorbike Based Travels

Lunatic guy doing his second world trip on a superbike, met him in Lencois, Brazil and in El Calafate, Argentina

Jupiters Travels this is real inspiration - see the site for his 2001 repeat trip of one he did in the 1970's - we met him in Panama City

Colombian guy and his doris travelling around south america from French Guyana on mopeds! Met them in El Calafate, Argentina

Ultimate Journey Round the world on motorbikes, met them in Recife, Brazil - not wicked

Wanky Vehicle Based Travels - dissed!

Tossy sites with sponsorship, charities....all very serious and proper and involving archbishops and suchlike.

kent2capetown Mainly the same people as below but this time even more bashing of bishops involved.  One of them is called Rory too...
newcastle2newcastle Actually has reasonable content but qualifies as wank site due to charity guise - why not give all of the trip cash (and the thousands of $ for the china visa) to the charity?
Junglerunner World landy trip until it crashes! Sponsored for $100,000 too...
Latin American Challenge Low content but amusing fall out and splitting up of the group.

Travel 'Resources' (as they say) Web site for all overland travellers but mainly motorbikes Dutcheese bar and motorbike tours in Sucre, Bolivia Venezuelan travel web site with a feature on our trip (in spanish), see videos of the landy and hear us speaking in spanish!
Foreign Office Info from the British Foreign Office
World Factbook The CIAs info on various countries with maps etc.
Peru Links Big site with links to loads of Peru/South America sites

Landrover Links

who supplied what - we got next to nothing discount and no sponsorship but this list is for the benefit of other landy travellers.

ACCV Supplied the Landy
Dunsfold Serviced and did some preparation work on the landy - top blokes
Footloose Supplied the roof tent and some other stuff - good advice too
Southdown Supplied the underbody protection
Brownchurch Supplied the roofrack
Frogs Island 4x4 Supplied the Old Man Emu suspension for a good price but were very unhelpful when the shocks went bad
David Bowyer Supplied and gave good advice on off road recovery gear
Paddocks Cheap and reliable source for all landy spares
Servicetune Supplied the lightguards and A bar
Anchor Supplies Supplied ex-mod water cans and spade
Kool Products Supplied solar panel and 240V inverter
Vehicle Wiring Products Supplied switches and other electrical whatsits

Photography On line photo magazine, top stuff
Mark Denton Local man taking good pictures

Other car sites

UK Motoring Directory The home of British motoring.
LROA Brasil Brasilian landy enthusiasts
Ultima My next car if I ever have any cash again...
Pikeynet As above - loads of car pics
Faisal Khan Mad TVR driver, sold him my old Cerbie suspension so he goes and crashes straight away!
O-Boyle Finians site full of TVRs